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Sport in the military makes a significant contribution to the delivery of operational capability and is therefore recognised as a core activity in all the UK Armed Forces. Whilst this status allows for some level of public funding, this is often limited and many sports and physical activities are not eligible.

As the RAF’s principal funding charity for sport and physical activities, we help by providing vital support to the RAF Sports Associations through grants based on each association’s operating costs and levels of membership. Funding priorities are also given towards new member engagement with a view to encouraging as many serving personnel as possible to get involved.

More information about the RAF Sports Associations and their governance can be found on the RAF Sports Federation website.

RAF Sports Federation

Association Funding

Grant allocation to the Sports Associations is based on the charitable funds available as well as the strategic objectives of three supporting organisations: the Fund, the RAF Sports Federation and the Directorate of Sport.

Associations are permitted to spend their allocated funding as they see fit providing it is in line with our Sports Association Funding Policy. Associations are also asked to consider our strategic objective of increasing participation in sport when spending their grants.

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